New Home to Zoook-eSale Project

Zoook is e-commerce OpenERP App without connector, is developed in Python with Django framework, and is 100% compatible and designed to work with OpenERP.

Zoook e-Sale was originally developed by Zikzakmedia, and currently is unmaintained. This is an unofficial fork developed by Enterprise Objects Consulting, fully functional, with active development, free and open source, and with commercial support too.

The original project of ZZ works with OpenERP version 6.0, and does not come with all the source code. When we started the project more than a year ago, we complete all the missing code, fix and improve a lot of features, and make it work with the latest version at this time, so we migrated the modules and the dependencies to the version 6.1, and also moved the Django code to version 1.4

First we pushed all the code in a Github fork, but now all the sources was moved to Launchpad to align with the OpenERP practices, and we published the modules in OpenERP Apps.

Today is an ecommerce fully functional and stable. It is still an e-commerce system very small compared with other systems such as Magento or Prestashop, but that's what makes great Zoook: it's extremely easy for OpenERP developers to implement and extend it, as it's written in the same language, has an extremely compact code, and executes all business operations directly in OpenERP via webservices.

It's not only a shopping cart system, can be used as developement framework to construct any web application integrated with OpenERP.

I was working these weeks in the new site where all the code reside, the installation guide, and also I created a repository with all dependencies of third party modules. The project are in

I hope collaborators will join to the project, a lot of improvements still to be done. And maybe the main task is migrate the modules to latest OpenERP, now the version 7.0.


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